11 Tips to grab the cheapest flight tickets


Now come on! It’s witnessed that the majority of the people do not belong to the elite segment of the population. Therefore, we the people have to cut the cost drastically while planning our trips. Or we have to simultaneously keep trying to grab some exciting offers on various holiday packages.

However, these are some of the standard dents that we usually face. But transatlantic flight ticket fares are the major barrier to budget planning. It usually works as a major dent in the dreams of travellers who desire to travel abroad.

Well, we understand how tiring it can be to find & book cheap flight tickets. So, people who are looking for the best way to book flight tickets in India or abroad at affordable rates, can now master the art of finding one with our best 11 tips to grab the cheapest flight ticket.

By following these tactics then you can save huge without compromising on your requirements. So, if we have your interest, then go through all the tips extensively as these will assist you in achieving this goal.


Tips to book cheap flight tickets

1. Be flexible with your Travel Dates

The majority of you can see various travel-related websites that promise to offer exclusive discounts and deals on specific days. And we further believe in such statements, but in reality, it’s false.

So, to save you from this trap we suggest you to track the flight tickets for the entire month with various flight-checking platforms. It is one of the great tricks to get the cheapest flights to a specific destination.

In this process, just check the one-way fare by not mentioning the departure via which you will be able to see the bookings for the entire month. With this, you’ll get a clear picture of the monthly flight prices and dates which has a cost-effective offer.


2. Remove the Cookies

While using the new incognito mode also make sure to clear all the cookies. We are providing this secret mantra to you because we know that cookies store all the necessary info related to your recent preferences and history.

These crucial details are later used by travel-related companies and airlines. Owing to this, you see higher prices that’s why it’s highly recommended to clear cookies and then search for the lowest prices on flights.

3. Avoid Believing in Myths

Searching for budget-friendly flight tickets requires lots of patience and work. Thus, to achieve this goal, your first and foremost job is to stop believing in the online myths about cheap flight ticket bookings. Well, to make things clearer here are some of the lies that you might have come across several times.

  • Booking Flights on Tuesday helps save huge money on fares.
  • You don’t possess the power to predict the airlines’ prices on websites.
  • There are no dates, wherein you can book your flights.

These are the major myths but in reality, the airlines rely on pricing algorithms that fix fares based on various factors, including demand, weather, events, fuel prices etc.


4. Track Airlines on Social Media Platforms

The significant presence of social media has enabled us to reap some consumer benefits. As a result, travellers who want to visit abroad can now follow famous airlines on diverse social media platforms.

Using this ninja trick will help you in getting insights regarding several promotional deals that airlines offer at the last minute. Also, you can subscribe to some of them to get regular alerts regarding airfare discounts and best flash sales.

5. Rely on New Incognito Mode

It’s another clever way to find cheapest flights because when you search with your login credentials, then eventually you start getting notifications related to that matter. Similar happens in the case of flight bookings.

The repeated search leads to prices skyrocketing, hence, it is advised to rely on the new incognito mode while booking cheap flights. In this way, your previous history will not get stored. Further utilise various electronic gadgets, such as laptops, phones and computers to book flight tickets without accepting cookies.

6. Utilise Flight Search Engines

If you have the patients, then only we can suggest this trick to you for attaining cheap flight tickets. Because in this method you have to go through different search engines to compare distinct flights, prices and drips. Additionally, you might have to take care that you are keeping track of fare inflation notifications. So, always remember to use numerous search engines in combination to avail the best deal on flights.

7. Keep An Eye on Flyer Programs

Everyone wants that their loyalty to come in handy during certain scenarios. And during flight bookings, you can use your loyalty effectively by enrolling in frequent flyer programs. To implement this tip, you can select specific airlines, points and holiday packages from your account.

In return, you receive reward points, which you can redeem after collecting those points. You can also search for credit card tie-ups while searching for flights on airlines as they can help in getting extra points.

8. Consider the Destination

This is one of the awesome tricks to get the cheapest flights, especially when you are curious to tour any destination. To execute this method, you can use your personalised search engine to identify attractions with pocket-friendly prices.

Then as per the data, you can freeze your plans and find the best-of-the-best holiday places as per your cravings. This conniving move will allow you to travel to exotic destinations at cheaper rates so that you can satiate your wanderlust.

9. Look Forward to Beneficial Deals

Those who want to satiate their goal of getting a cheap flight ticket can now try signing up for some flight-oriented newsletters or mailers. Subscribing these can aid you in getting exciting offers and deals that will fit your itinerary. So, in short, never miss the opportunity to target these beneficial deals and discounts as they are available for a limited period.

10. Try Hidden City Fares

If you are ready to engage in risky activity to decrease your fare amount, then we would recommend trying hidden city fares. This option is only for those individuals who are adamant about spending large amounts of money on vacation.

You can only avail this offer when there’s a layover at your favourite attractions. To implement this strategy, one should exit the airport in the layover city instead of reaching or landing on your selected departure route. This strategy is bit tricky so, make sure you take extra measures.

11. Deploy Student Discounts

If your age group lies under 26 years, then taking advantage of student discounts is the best way to get cheaper flight bookings. You can visit your universities or consult with travel agencies for the same.

Through employing these student discounts you can get approximately 10-20% concession on standard flight tickets. Further, you can avail special baggage allowances that will further assist you in saving an enormous amount of money.


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