If You Pee During Showering, See This Right Now!


Do you have the habit of peeing while taking a shower? If yes, great. If not, maybe you should include the habit in your daily routine. Peeing During Showering is not at all unhygienic and actually, it’s very good for the planet.

It’s not just for the liberating and rebellious adrenaline rush you may or may not have, but because this simple attitude can help save our planet. Let’s analyze the situation. Even mathematically, it’s a simple calculation.

Every time you pee, you flush (or at least you’re supposed to) in the toilet. While feces require a considerable amount of water to send them down the drain, urine, on the other hand, hardly needs any encouragement for such a journey.

Even though some more modern toilets have adapted flushes that consume water as needed, most still lack this technology, and daily, a lot of water is wasted.


And as we know, water is essential for our life and has become an increasingly scarce resource. Today, there are already thousands of people suffering from water scarcity, and if we continue at this rate, very soon, the number of people without water in the world will increase drastically.

Benefits of Peeing During Showering:

If someone admits to peeing in the shower, at best they’ll get a weird look. But seriously, peeing in the shower is no problem at all and saves a lot of water.

Those who propose this practice estimate that many of us use up to 15 liters of water every day just by flushing. If you multiply that by the population and the days of the year, it’s literally thousands of liters of water wasted. Besides being expensive in the long run, it’s bad for the environment.

Sure, there are some low-flow toilets out there, but they still don’t make much of a difference in the water consumption scenario. Since most people shower at least once a day, it makes sense to pee and wash up at the same time.


And there’s a double bonus: you use less toilet paper and save trees and your wallet! Here are some ways you can use your urine, and you’ll also find out why it’s not a bad idea to pee in the shower.


A normal adult urinates at least seven times a day, spending about 49 liters in total on flushing. Assuming you take at least one shower a day, adding up the number of days in a year, you’re expected to save a good amount of water.


It’s cleaner to rinse away pee residue directly with water than with toilet paper. Everybody Does It: Although many grimace when talking about it, 80% of people admit to having done it at some point in their lives. So, what’s the problem?


If you have a skin problem on your feet or legs, like eczema, a bit of urine might help. Urea, present in urine, is an active ingredient in many dermatological care creams and oils. This is because it can balance the skin’s pH and combat sensitivity and dryness.



For those who don’t know, urine has antifungal properties. Many people have fungal and bacterial feet. And one of the most effective ways to treat the problem is by applying a bit of fresh urine.

You’ll be surprised by the results, as the tactic is so effective that within two days, the fungi disappear. To avoid odor and mess in the shower, try to pee as close to the drain as possible.


Yes, you read that right: urine can disinfect wounds. If you get hurt and your first aid kit isn’t handy, you can clean your wounds with fresh urine. Besides cleaning, it soothes the tissue and relieves pain.

You can even use someone else’s pee, but only if the “volunteer” isn’t infected with anything. Of course, you should always see a doctor when the injury is serious. Well, who would have thought pee could be so useful? There are also ways to use it outside the body, such as grass fertilizer.

So many taboos have settled in our lives, leaving so much wisdom forgotten. But perhaps, you’ll remember the shower tip, at least this one is worth considering. Let’s be eco-friendly, yet squeaky clean!


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